An Evening of T.S.Eliot

The Braeburn A Level Literature class is studying Mr T S Eliot at the moment. Ms Doria invited the class up to her house on Friday evening for an evening of poetry and music, centered around Mr Eliot’s first collection of poetry, The Love Song Of Alfred J Prufrock And Other Observations.
Dress was formal and everyone scrubbed up beautifully. On arrival the top hits from 1910 to 1920 were playing, to give students more of an idea of the time the poetry was written. When reading Preludes, we played JS Bach’s Prelude in C and when reciting Rhaposdy on A Moonlit Night, it was accompanied by Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody. It was quickly observed how the poetry matched the music. We also listened to Chopin, who is mentioned in the Prufrock poem. It is important for poetry to feel alive.
Between munching snacks, we played a brilliant parlour game devised around Mr Eliot’s poetry. Sadly Ms Stubbs and Ms Doria were thoroughly beaten by the students. The winners won a chocolate pudding kindly brought by Juliette Zelleke.
It is through this fun out the classroom activity where students really engage and learn. It was an all out success and we look forward to the next one next half term on Eliot’s Wasteland collection.
As Billy Collins has said, “High school is where poetry goes to die.” Not at Braeburn, it doesn’t! Long live Eliot and long live poetry!
Here’s to excellence in the 2017 final literature exams!
(Ms Doria) 
Meanwhile in Key Stage Three…

In Key Stage 3 English this term we have been learning and having fun!

In year 7 we are reading Kensuke’s Kingdom, a wonderful book about being stranded on a desert island. We have been having fun and getting our hands dirty by creating our own papier mache islands using evidence from the text to inform our creations.
In year 9 history we are studying World War I. In order to build on this knowledge and link together topics, we are reading the book Private Peaceful in English. This book is set in World War I and gives the students a personal insight into the tragedies of this war. This week we have been exploring persuasive devices by creating our own army recruitment posters.
(Mrs Rashid) 

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